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Huge, hulking and musclebound, trolls are just plain tough. They live a little longer than orcs, some of them even reaching the ripe old age of 50. On the whole they’re a little less easy to anger than orcs, but if you get one going then watch out. They are very much discriminated against in modern society, and usually forced to seek out work where their massive muscles and heavy bodies are an asset. The fact that a lot of them seem slower mentally doesn’t help with their stereotypical image. Still, a troll is a comforting friend to have at your back, when things get violent.

Game Information

Trolls must have horns of some sort upon their head. They may have green, gray, or brown makeup on their face or other exposed skin, but this is optional. Trolls may have false teeth representing tusks, but this is optional as well. Trolls may have makeup or prosthetics representing bony patches on their skin, but this is optional. All trolls must speak in a rough voice.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Obscenely Tough

Trolls gain +6 to their starting body at character creation.


Trolls add +3 to the Skill cost of the Funding skill.

Big Target

Trolls cannot buy the Dodge skill.

Bony Hide

Trolls gain the “Dermal Armor” skill as a racial skill. The skill cap for Dermal Armor is 2, and the skill cost is 10 points.

Over-sized Hands

Trolls add +1 to the skill costs for the following skills: Chemistry, Electronics, Enchanting, Engineering, and Medical. On the plus side, they only pay half cost to purchase the Sure Grip skill.