The Ashlands

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Ashlands Landscape


The Ashlands, known formerly in pre-war times as Ashland, Ky of the united states of America. The Ashlands were once a small collection of river-towns and heavy chemical industry such as coke-plants, steel-mills, oil and gas refineries. As you could imagine all of these places held high concentrations of chemicals and harmful substances that were set ablaze or bled into the soil and river waters and eventually the sky itself. Not much can be said for the outside world, known as the outlands to the denizens of the Ashlands. The sky is always bleak and dark tinted dim red, thunder and lightning is a common sight as well as acid rain, ashen(ash snow) and oil coated snow flakes. The trees are either saplings or fully petrified, the soil is sandy and saltlike with dead plants and grass and the river is filled with noxious substances and the occasional swarm of river lurkers (river ghouls)

At the heart of prewar Ashland, Ky there is also a place of unspeakable evil. The former Kings daughters hospital that held a large amount of the downtown property was caught in the course of a failing nuclear missile that was headed for pre-war Lexington, Ky. The moment the nuke went off most of the downtown population was killed by the explosion or series of explosions at local industries set off by the shock-wave. Since then the location has now been titled “Princess Gulch”.

As time passed “Princess Gulch” became inhabited by strange undead and other things that most mortal-kind were not meant to set eyes upon. The old evils that slumbered in the hills for miles around flocked to this location and slowly erected a Necropolis, that surrounded a black spire that seemed to stretch like a crooked spear driving into the heart of the heavens itself. As the old ones who adorned the title of overlord grew in power, they grew in influence as well. Most religions of pre-war era believed that this was truly the end and they were left to the overlords as some form of punishment. So they decided to pledge allegiance to these wretched demons and became power hungry and the Fellowship of Blight, or to others the “Kabal” was born.

Known Ashlands locations

Known Ashlands factions

Black Heart Clan (BC)

Comprised of the children of original settlers to these lands, in past days when Ashland was first named "poage's landing". They are now known to be the ruthless and zealous rangers, hunters, and scavengers that mostly populate a town built in the pre war summit prison now named "Ziggurat" and many outposts in the surrounding dead and toxic forests known as 'The Nethers' that surround the Ashlands. Many dark rumors and mysteries shroud this sect. Many haunting tales of effigies, 'trophies', and meals composed of their fallen foes being a common occurrence in their society. Their culture highly reflects a strange assortment of Native American, Celt, Nord, Scottish, and Gaul influences with a fascination with the macabre.

Black Heart rangers have been around since the skies went dark and the world shunned the hills of the tristate region of the Ohio river bordering prewar Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio. There was a small pocket of life left in the hellish landscape that eventually gave birth to a town named “Margentroth”. The BC saw potential in the new lives the denizens had made for themselves, shunning most technology and reverting to bronze and dark age technology. Despite the obvious raids from outsiders brave enough to travel into the region and the evil at the very heart of the pre-war downtown, the Ashlanders seemed to have found a balance and settled their conflicts with valor.

The BC sought to preserve the old ways The Ashlanders seemed to have embraced over centuries of adaptation to the new hellish region. the BC decided to take the territories surrounding the Ashlands known to its denizens as the “Nether”. They have continued till this day to keep the Ashlanders in, and the outsiders out with only one route opened for trade to the regions of Hio. This route is now patrolled and has many checkpoints to keep surveillance and security of the hellish region almost completely untampered. This also seemed to be a benefit keeping modern warfare of the outside world at bay. Others speculate that the BC also keep a vice grip on the region to keep its own festering evil within to protect the adjacent regions.

River Rats

A tribe formed by sentient river ghouls, Orks, Goblinoids, Demonoid, and other mutant races. Not much is known about this tribe, but few survive to tell the tell when they do meet them. Most humans become slaves or prisoners to the river rats. Rumors say that their leader is only out at night and drains the blood dry from their captives.

Children of Perdition

A tribe formed by soldiers of the old war that came home to find their friends and loved ones. Sadly they were greeted with the hellish wastes of The Ashlands and all banded together to rebuild civilization. Since military traditions of modern day America took most of their influence from Greek and Roman technique and method, their tribe resembles much of what you would have seen in Rome or Greece in the bronze and dark ages. The Children of Perdition are the most disciplined of all factions in the Ashlands.

The Red Hand

Even less is known about this mysterious group, all that is known is what they do to those who oppose their will... The Red Hand predates the wastes to an old cult in pre-war Ashland, KY that practiced dark and forbidden magic. When the world came to it's grinding halt and fell to it's knees The mysterious five of the red hand and their "clerics" took the wastes by the tip of a rusty blade and sharpened claw... The Red Hand is now the sole ruler of The Ashlands. Rumors utter on the cold and noxious winds of screams and howls escaping the deep recesses of their small fortified structure on the edge of the trade-town known as Margentroth.

Fellowship of Blight (The Kabal)

Over 50 years of war had destroyed most of modern day religion we had known since the days of old. The fellowship of blight are the more deranged and zealous faction. They compose of a collection of old demons that have long slept now awoken and strange undead sown together by random parts from the fallen cadavers strewn about the hills of the Ashlands and the deep reaches of Princess Gulch. The undead are lead by men dressed in the garb of old catholic priests and only answer to their overlord. The Overlords are demons that sought out the weak minded religious fanatics that once led churches, mosques and synagogues as their own puppets and followers and taught them the arts of necromancy, alchemy, and other dark magic in order to raise armies of undead. Very little is known of this group other than the occasional missionaries they sent with a small detachment of undead bodyguards. And the annoying preaching that soon follows upon their arrival speaking of the end of light and a prophecy named "The Black Dawn"