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The prevalent technology in any given area of the wastelands varies, depending on who’s in charge, and what the inhabitants can build and salvage. In a lot of places, it’s limited to what the inhabitants can build from scratch. The enclaves are the greatest bastions of old technology, but even they don’t use the most advanced methods and devices possible. This raises many questions, but as usual, history provides the answers.

Humanity had come a long way by 2160. Electronics, medicine, safe nuclear power, and the safe and easy use of nanotechnology helped make life easy for those privileged enough to live in advanced countries. Unfortunately, most of this technology wasn’t built to stand up to the raw blast of electro-magnetic energy unleashed by nuclear weaponry. When the bombs started falling, it changed the atmosphere, and disrupted much of the infrastructure. Changes to the ionosphere also disrupted the broadcast microwave power that fueled the amazing devices of 2160, and made broadcast power infeasible beyond the very shortest ranges. In a single night, the advances of the last century were lost. Those that weren’t lost usually tended to be inefficient, or required finite resources to operate.

Now, after fifty years, the return of magic, and much social upheaval, humanity is starting to figure out new ways to get the job done and rediscovering old ways. Lost technology is still worth a good penny to the right buyer, as a curio or for research purposes. Working lost technology is rare, and usually priceless. There are no factories left outside of the enclaves, so most goods have to be made by hand. The corporations make tools available that can be used to produce advanced goods, but they are unusable by all but the most skilled craftsmen.