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Soldiers need little explanation. They are military professionals or untrained but tough warriors that make a living by fighting. They are strong, plain and simple. And if there's one thing for certain in the Wasteland, it's that fighting is unavoidable at times. Without soldiers, this land would be a hell of a lot more dangerous. Soldiers start with 8 body. Note: you don’t have to play the soldier class, to be a character with military experience. Special Forces types are better represented as Agents. Quartermasters, Medics, and Officers work better as Fixers, and almost all militaries recruit magical people now, so Magicians and Adepts can have an equal claim on military service. But if you want to be a straight up infantry-type, the Soldier class is best.


Probably the easiest class to play, soldiers have the cheapest cost for ranged weapon skills, and also the cheapest cost for the armorer and health skills. Their skills are useful for keeping both them and their equipment functioning, no matter how tough the opposition. Though they might not always win, they have the best odds of living to see another day.


Soldiers depend on their gear, and don't always have the best equipment on hand for the job. Funding is expensive for them, so they are often dependent on other people with money, or whatever they can scavenge. They are also fairly bad at medical skills. It's hard for a soldier to develop any specialties that don't revolve around hurting a foe, or avoiding serious injury. You get a small price break on some useful close-combat skills, but nothing overwhelming... Don't get cocky if a foe closes to melee range.


Play a soldier if you don't want to get overly complicated. Get or rent a good weapon as soon as possible, borrow money if you have to. Carry a sidearm, for when your main weapon’s jammed or out of ammo. Armor's good too, but so is ammo, so there are some tough choices to make. You live and die by your gear, so take good care of it. A good soldier usually learns to be a good shot with a variety of weapons, and learns to take cover and utilize the terrain to his advantage. Teamwork doesn't hurt either.