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Quick Reference

Safety Rules

White Headband Player is Out of Game (i.e. they do not exist)
Hold! Freeze; do not talk or look behind you
Blind Man Cease Fire! Hold; someone without eye protection
Illegal Striking Areas Head, neck, hands, feet, groin
Airsoft weapons cannot be used on someone within 10 feet

Enemy Calls

Bullet Dodge! Opponent avoided your attack
Crippling Strike! Arm or Leg Disabled
Disarm! Drop melee weapon or gun jams, 10 sec
Dodge! Oponnent avoided your attack
Fear! You must retreat from opponent for 1 min
Garrote! Struggle for 1 min the Knocked Out 10 min
Grease! Drop melee weapon or gun jams, 10 sec
No Effect! the attack had no effect (target immune)
Stun! Fall to ground, no actions. Speak w/ groans
Takedown! Immediately reduced to 0 body and dying


Time Description
Controlled Cure Obey all commands (remember what happened afterwards)
Crippled Cure Arm: drop, cannot use; 1 Leg: slow; 2 Legs: immobile
Feared 1 m Run away until lost line of site; then scared
Friendly 5 m You are best friend of caster (don't remember afterwards)
Ignited Var. 1 dmg/second; roll around 10 seconds to extinguish
Imprisoned 10 m Cannot move or talk; invulnerable to damage ("No Effect!")
Knocked Out 10 m Unconscious and unaware. Can be cured by shaking for 1 m
Paralyzed 1 m Cannot move or talk; still take damage
Petrified 5 m Cannot move or talk; invulnerable to damage ("No effect!")
Poisoned 1 hr Cannot run, feel sick; 1 damage per 5 min
Repelled 5 m Must stay 10ft away from caster, otherwise act normal
Sleep 5 m Unconscious and unaware. Woken by dmg, contact, or yells
Smoked 1 m Must cough; cannot attack/cast spells. Can defend, skills
Stoned 1 m Act intoxicated; cannot attack, defend, or use spells/skills
Stunned Var. Fall on ground, cannot attack, defend. May speak and crawl
Weakened 1 m Reduce melee damage by amount given in call
Webbed 5 m Immobile. Cannot use attacks/skills, but can speak.

Taking Damage

Armor Body
Damage Reduce "current" value Reduce "current" value
Reduced to 0 Breached - Max rating reduced by 5/Body starts taking all dmg Dying - 5 minutes until Dead/You can cry out in pain
Refit/first aid Raise to new max (1 min) First Aid (1 min) to bring to 1 body
Repair/Surgery Fix 10 armor / 1 salvage (5 min) Heal 10 body / 1 med supply (5 min)

Damage Types

Damage Armor then Body: Ballistic, Elemental, Acid, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Explosive, Massive, Normal
Damage Body, bypassing Armor: Direct, Magic
Special Damage
Area Damage affects area, not just 1 person
Ballistic Stun 30 sec if body damage taken
Acid Breached armor has max reduced to 0
Massive Take damage even if blocked with weapon

Hitting Weapons With Weapons

Attack Defend You are Attacker You are Defender
Melee Gun Try not to hit guns! Gun "jams" for 10 seconds
Gun Melee Try not to shoot weapons! Take full weapon damage

Radiation Effects

You start off at level one. Being hit with levels of radiation has ill effects, based on you total rad level.

1 Trace Count No effect
2 Mild Exposure Cannot run; fatigue, listlessness
3 Nausea and Vertigo Cannot attack; walk slowly w/ twitching
4 Internal Bleeding Immobile, -1 Max and Current Body / 10 m
5 Walking Ghost Attack, move; -2 Body / 2 m; slurred words

Other Rules

Ricocheted bullet hits still count!!
No Fire Zones Cannot use any guns, in or out
Peace Zones No combat of any type allowed

The Ultimate Most Important Rule Ever

Don't be a Jerk!

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