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Rad count awards are unlocked when a person's accumulated rad count passes the number listed. Rad count awards are small perks to award long-term players, and those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Think of them as bonus content.

Your rads are tied to YOU, not your character. Thus, you can spend them on any character you have.

Note that many rad count awards require that the player spend rads to use them. This reduces their total rad count, slowing down the rate at which they’ll gain more rads. This is deliberate… A player can either get several small advantages, or hold out in the hopes of getting something nifty down the road.

[ 10 RADS ] WIDE WORLD OF JUNK (New Special Ability)

Your keen scroungin’ eyes have taught you how to pick stuff that might be valuable out of the tons of broken stuff cluttering up the landscape.

At check-in, you can declare that you’re using Wide World of Junk.  You may spend rads in order to receive units of salvage, at a rate of 2 units of salvage gained for 1 rad spent.

[ 30 RADS ] FILTHY LUCRE (New Special Ability)

Sometimes, you really need money. Fortunately, there's a ton of ways to get your hands on Allin Dollars. But no one ever gets anything for free, and the well isn't bottomless.

At check-in, you can declare that you're using Filthy Lucre.  You may spend rads in order to receive Allins, at a rate of 10 allins gained for 1 rad spent.


You are a veteran. You’ve seen and done much, and you no longer spook quite as easily as you used to. The horrific becomes merely troubling, and the troubling becomes commonplace. You can never go back to the way you used to be, but perhaps your soul has been strengthened against the trials to come.

You may purchase levels of the special skill Resist Fear.  This skill has a cost of 3 Karma points regardless of class, and has an unlimited skill cap.  You may use resist fear once per day for each level you have in the skill.  To use this skill, you must be struck by a fear effect.  When this happens, you may call “Resist”, and ignore the effect.

[ 75 RADS ] SCAVENGER’S SURPRISE (New Special Ability)

If you spend enough time poking around in dangerous places, you can sometimes turn up valuable stuff! Or worthless items, or weird things that make no real sense. This ability is a gamble, but sometimes it pays off.

At check-in, you can declare that you’re using Scavenger’s Surprise.  You may spend 10 rads in order to gain a roll on a secret table.  The game staff will record your roll, check it against the table, and give you something based on the results.

[ 100 RADS ] A LESSER EVIL (New Character Types)

Tier 2 Races/Classes. You'll have to get here to find out what they are.

[ 125 RADS ] WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING (New Special Ability)

Well, everyone makes mistakes. And sometimes you learn a new trick only to find out that hey, you don’t like it at all, or you don’t use it as much as you thought you would.

To use What the Hell Was I Thinking, first choose one skill type (Example:  Longarms, Adrenaline Rush, Funding, Engineering, etc…)  You may sell back any or all of this skill type, at a rad cost equal to twice its total karma cost.  However, this is not something you can easily do… You may only do it to ONE skill per use of What the Hell Was I Thinking, per character and once you do this, that character cannot use this rad reward again until you reach a certain amount of rads earned.

[ 150 RADS ] RAD TOLERANCE (New Skill)

You’ve lived your life in the wasteland, eating tainted food, drinking fallout-laced water, and soaking up gamma rays with every walk through the woods. Radiation just doesn’t bother you quite as much anymore.

[ 200 RADS ] APOTHESIS NOW (New Skill)

Through hard work, perseverance and training, you have reached the pinnacle of your craft.

[ 300 RADS ] POWER OVERWHELMING (New Character Types)

Tier 3 Races/Classes. You'll have to get here to find out what they are.

[ 400 RADS ] POWER OVERWHELMING (New Character Types)

Tier 4 Classes. You'll have to get here to find out what they are.

[ 500 RADS ] FREE GAME (New special ability)