Pretty Boy

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Full Name: Pretty Boy
Race: Elf
Class: Magician
Profession: Crafter
Status: Active


For a young man pretty boy is abnormally feminine, hence his nickname. He's often seen out and about in a blue jean jacket that's absolutely covered in patches. Thinking he's cool. most of his jeans are "artfully" ,in his own words, ripped Pretty boy tends to cycle through a range of unnatural hair colors and vary the lengths of his hair frequently. Pretty boy is rarely seen with out some kind of bright color on, be it a bandanna, shirt, or some strange other item.


Not much is known about Pretty boy as he doesn't talk much about his past. Hailing from near Misthaven, but definitely not from Bakerstown he has come to the wastes in order to find someone by the name of Kallist. It has been established that Pretty Boy is not his real name, however it's the name most people call him by as his real name is too difficult to pronounce in his opinion.