Oscar Flytip

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Oscar Flytip
Full Name: Oscar Flytip
Race: Gnome
Class: Magician
Profession: Alchemist
Status: Active


Oscar's stringy green hair, worn jumpsuit, dirty hands, and not-insignifigant population of bugs all point to his preferred habitat of dirt, much, trash, and compost. The smell helps too.

Oscar's pockets overflow with various potions, often based on fermented vermin, and he is rarely seen without his trusty spear.


Oscar grew up in The Field, and, until recently, digging in the trash was the only life he’d ever known. Raised by Leshy parents, who never quite knew what to do with their gnomish son, Oscar spent his days exploring the tunnels left behind by previous mining expeditions. He enjoyed the solitude, except for the occasional attack by giant rats and worms, but soon learned how to see the magic is humanity’s waste. Every little scrap had memories, and energy, and magic, and Oscar spent his time learning how to channel and even store that magic. Eventually, Oscar found that he could call upon the magic of this rotten world to protect himself from the dangers of the tunnels. Occasionally Oscar even wandered back to the surface to trade his potions for supplies. Sure, they were unusually colored, rancid, and smelled at best like rotten eggs, but in a world full of vermin the size of a school bus, no one cares how a healing potion tastes.

Oscar could have happily lived here for the rest of his life, eating old banana peels and living off the land like a smelly, rotten, king, but his love of trash was powerful enough to overcome his love of home.

One day, while Oscar was in the trash bag tunnels under The Field, he saw a foot pop through the ceiling, followed by a leg, and then a whole body. This man, and explorer who called himself Matt Frakkle, marveled at the network of caves that had, just moments ago, been directly underfoot. He told Oscar about his own home, a place far away, near the Pacific Ocean, and Oscar, demanding payment for his guidance out of the tunnels, noticed how different Matt Frakkle’s garbage was. The brand names were all different, the designs were different, even some of the materials were different. Oscar had spent so long in the caves of his home town, that he didn’t even realize there was a whole world of garbage out there for him to explore.

Soon Oscar found himself tangled up with a group of mercenaries and wanderers in Misthaven, where he found just the kind of trash he was looking for. Oscar also found some very interesting compost there. So interesting, in fact, that he hasn't been seen since. At the moment, the only signs of Oscar are the words that occasionally appear in the pile of dirt outside of the tavern.