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Big, green, and toothy, orcs are born muscular and tough. They are short-lived, reaching maturity by 15, and old age by 35. Most have terrible tempers, and lack patience. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that orcs are discriminated against in most modern societies, by bigots, racist organizations, and those who fear them. Many orcs let this drive them to violence and revenge, but others find in themselves the urge to rise above it, and prove that they too, can be heroes…

Game Information

Orcs must have false teeth representing tusks. Orcs may also have green makeup on their exposed skin if they wish, but this is optional. All orcs must speak in a rough voice.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Orcs gain +3 to their starting body at character creation.


Orcs add +2 to the Skill cost of the Funding skill.


Orcs gain the “Berserk” skill as a racial skill. The skill cap for Berserk is 2, and the skill cost is 4 points.