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Want to help out the game? Don't want to pay the entry fee? Just haven't thought of a character yet? NPCing may be for you!

NPC stands for Non-Player-Character. It also refers to the practice of portraying the supporting actors and story-related characters that your own character will interact with. NPC's can be violent, or they can be friendly, or they can be using you for nefarious purposes, or they can be simply minding their own business. Most of the Game Staff, including the Game Master, will NPC various parts during the course of a game. Players who wish to temporarily NPC may come to the Game Headquarters. If you wish, you can come to a Wastelands event and do nothing but NPC. Both of these approaches have their advantages.

NPC Full Time

NPCing for an entire event offers the following rewards:

  • Earn 10 Karma and 10 Rads
  • Equipment gains 4 months of game usage
  • May choose to play one of their characters, sans crafting, for a Mod or 3-4 hours during the weekend.
  • Moderately awesome grab bag for each day they NPC.

NPC Part Time (Double Hooking)

NPCing for individual mods as required by the GM offers these perks:

  • +2 Karma per 4 hour shift
  • Option to gamble on something big or 'find work' during your 4 hour shift.
  • You roll some dice, we look at a chart and stuff happened while you were out there. Sometimes you'll be affected by status effect(s) or health loss; sometimes you'll learn some info; sometimes you'll find something useful; could be any combination too.
  • Finding work can be a variety of things but it all works the same. You get a flat 10 Salvage or 60 allins, player choice.