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Why do you want such junk?
Full Name: Muse Eros 37
Race: Elf
Class: Magician
Profession: Puppeteer
Status: MIA


Pointy ears mostly. He usually wears a shirt and pants but sometimes he wears robes.


As a resident of The Seventh Valley, Muse was sent out on his 5 year pilgrimage like all other "of age" residents. His quest was to find an item to boost magical power and thus a way to solve the overpopulation problem of the valley.


Muse set out to find a magic item and he did. Too bad he was last seen closing a hole in reality from the other side. It would be five years until he was seen again.

Not much is known about how he reappeared and if Muse knows anything he lacks the capacity to say what. His mind is fried, much like a stoner's, though he remains a powerful magician. He's harmless until he needs to defend himself, unless you consider dirt and grime dangerous.