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Misthaven from above


The Mists that have long swirled over Colum have always ebbed and flowed. Coagulating in places, violently clashing in others, a cascade of nanite storms washing over the landscape. The only place its never always been true has been a crude expanse of land the locals know as Misthaven. Sure, the occasional itch mist makes its way across the land but usually nothing more bothersome than inconvenient. Usually. There are times though, when entire populations of people simply vanish or get wiped out. The last time it happened was to the Storm Witch outpost. Lund has since given up on prospects out this way.

Roja Cola though, founded a struggling settlement here, farthest from their base of operations to the East. There were some growing pains involved and a bit of a diplomatic exchange with Icarus over the untapped wealth of the area. Iccy seems to have left, but not before moving the prize deep into an ebola class mist. Ensuring Roja Cola would have to expend more resources than the enclave is worth to retrieve it. If they even found it.

None the less, Roja had made significant progress with the locals. Adding a small franchise town known as Bakerstown, formerly run by the now ill Baker. Rumors point to Icarus is behind the illness. Though Baker had been under tremendous stress and is in elder years. Roja Cola has temporarily appointed an emergency city manager while the town elects a new mayor.

This last year has seen a shift in problems though, as arachnid problems have only continued to increase. Roja cleared acres of woods along their roads and buildings. They've also instituted a bounty for the man-sized arachnids with a hefty reward for anyone who finds the nest.