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Magicians are those born with innate magic talent, who manage to train and channel it, developing it into the ability to cast spells. They can be insanely powerful, but also limited. Using magic is hard on the mind and body alike. Magicians come in two varieties, those who have learned to channel their abilities from another, and those who have natural talent for it, and taught themselves. The two types tend to use different trappings, but all in all, the flavor and style of a magician’s magic is the choice of the individual mage. Magicians start with 5 body. Please read the Magic section found on Page 76 of the Rulebook.


Magicians are great short-tomid- range combatants, and possess useful defensive and specialized spells. Over time, they can develop incredible abilities that no other class can match, and their spells will be the most effective weapons against certain types of foes. Magicians can also discover secret spells and abilities, during the course of the game. There are only a few defenses against magic, and almost all of them can be worn down with enough spells. Also, your defensive spells are effective against just about any type of damage or effect that you'll run into out in the Wasteland.


Guns have greater range and speed than spells, plain and simple. Also, the bigger the spell you use, the bigger the drain on yourself. You'll find that you need to either put a fair amount of points in the Focus skill, or use your spells carefully. There are only a few times that you'll want to cut loose and dump everything you have into a foe. There’s also a choice to make, between focus and spell variety. If you want a lot of spells you'll have to spend a fair amount to learn them. You can branch out into other skills, but it will eat into your magic capability... Lots of tough choices are involved in being a magician. Also, magicians can never use cyberware. It interrupts the flow of magic within their bodies, and can even kill them, in extreme cases.


Play a magician if you like the idea of playing a magic character, and being able to do impressive things that no one else can do. If you want to be skilled at offense, you'll need to develop a good throwing arm and accuracy with the packets used to represent magical spells. You'll also need a fairly good memory, and the ability to think on the fly to keep track of your focus points and the drain of all your spells.