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Robot, affinity for crafting.
Full Name: Lou
Race: Rogue Ruster
Class: Soldier
Profession: Crafter
Status: Active


Lou is a rogue ruster. He came to the 'Hio region from a city in the east called The Pitt. One can often find Lou at Bloody Bill's Bar where he is working with Bill on a secret project. While Lou is more than capable in a fight he prefers to settle his problems without one. When dealing with Lou you will find yourself in an advantageous situation if you have design specs (often called recipes) that he doesn't.


Lou's first notable appearance in the wastelands was in the fall of 2213, when Lund's Ghosts walked the lands. Lou worked hard to defend Lund's walls and was selected to help with a work camp revolt. Lou attended the opening of Voshua's box of horrors. Lou made friends with several other mercenaries including Spyra Glass, Mr. E, Jax, and Lexi.

In spring of 2214 Lou answered the call of Kron, joining attempts find and open the vault that was located under Kron. During some down time Lou was part of a group that went to clear a ghoul warren. The intel was bad and there were considerably more Ghouls than anticipated.

Lou has taken to creative endeavors outside of making survival equipment. He has started a line of comics titled Wastelands Comics which was set to be printed in publications by Spyra Glass. Following the demise of Spyra, Lou has no plans to publish his comics.

Lou picked up a virus preceding the events of Misthaven in the fall of 2214. Though the virus messed with his processing power and hindered his cooling system he managed to lead a raid on a Warhound Facility. Where he found M.A.S.K. Unit 171 Jack and repaired it.

At the events south of Lund, Lou received a briefcase. This briefcase was trapped caused the second mercenary shelter considerable explosive damage. Following the explosion, Lou repaired himself enough to move and ran off with a friends corpse. He was not seen again for several hours. He was found in the hotsprings


-Though nobody can remember, he may be a member of Amnesiacs Anonymous.
-Lou may not be his real name.