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"I'm gonna poke it."
Full Name: Alexandria "Lexi" Thorne
Race: Gnome
Class: Fixer
Profession: Animal Remains Collector
Status: Brain-damaged amnesiac

See also: Agent 24601.

"I swear upon this box of low-fact snack cakes that I will offer up to all of my patients twice the flavor with half of the calories. I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honor."

Alexandria "Lexi" Thorne is a wandering gnome with recently acquired spaghetti-surgery skills and an avid curiosity for human anatomy. She has been known to adopt creative yet unorthodox techniques to healing. Wastelanders should be advised to present wounds (or even healthy bodies) to Lexi at their own discretion.

Her patron in the wastes is Doctor Pepper, to whom Lexi is like a daughter. In fact, she reminds him of the daughter he lost to radiation shortly before Lexi turned up on his doorstep. He taught her a good bit of what he knows about the medical profession... and she improvised the rest.

Early Years


Wall of the Dead

"Alexandria Thorne" is a name listed on the Wall of the Dead, and has been for quite some time now.

Personality/Psychological Profile

To the untrained eye, Lexi appears to be crazy. To the trained eye, she's absolutely insane.

Suicidally reckless, regressively childlike, and brazenly defiant: these are just some of the characteristics that make Lexi an interesting travel companion (and a confusing opponent). Her morality lines aren't just wavy, they look like a child scribbled all over a piece of paper with a crayon. There's no way of telling which direction her moral compass will sway, until you flat out ask her what she wants to do. Some believe this is a result of fragments of her memories conflicting with recent experiences; others attribute it to tunnel vision on specific goals and desires. Everyone agrees, however, that she is "batshit crazy."

Recent Whereabouts

Back in the outskirts of Kron, Lexi vanished into an underground vault. No one heard from her for quite some time, until she showed up randomly on the path to Misthaven, in an even more bizarre getup than previously seen. Her behavior is even more erratic than before. She has deemed herself a master of stealth and disguise, though her disguises are anything but convincing--usually random household goods or bits of junk placed over her clothes. Her favorite disguise is "John Tarmack, the insurance adjuster," which is just regular Lexi with a fake handlebar mustache.

She recently went on an epic theme park adventure to Happy Happy Fun Land Circa 2020 with Jaxsom, Hex, and her new friend Jack. She got a big gulp, rode a tilt-a-whirl with zombies, and finally got to go on the giant ferris wheel. She is already planning a return trip.

Current Personal Goals

  • Ride a spider into the tavern
  • Return to Happy Happy Fun Land
  • Figure out her own age
  • Find out how to do robot surgery
  • Find out her real name
  • Learn animal remains sculpting