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Earthy and wood-wise, Leshy are said to be descended from forest spirits, such as dryads or other plant-related things. Some are raised in civilization, but others escape and find their way into the wilderness. They flourish anywhere they can find trees. Leshy are easily recognizable, as leaves grow from their hair, and some have bark-like skin or other plant-related features. No one quite knows why, but the majority of Leshy born are female.

Game Information

Leshy must have some kind of leaves attached to their hair or head, OR a makeup pattern of leaves on their face. Leshy may have makeup on their face representing bark-like skin, but this is optional.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Leshy have a -1 penalty to their starting body at character creation.


Leshy gain the "Treebond" skill as a racial skill. The Skill cap for Treebond is 3, and the Skill Cost is 5 points.

Nature's Favor

Leshy who choose the “Magician” class gain the Heal spell for free. They do not need to know any Material magic at all, they know this spell regardless. Leshy who are not magicians may cast the heal spell using physical drain, in a manner identical to magicians.


Leshy take double damage from fire effects.


Leshy gain the “Leshy Tracking” skill as a racial skill. The Skill cap for Leshy Tracking is 5, and the Skill Cost is 1 point.