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Full Name: Jebediah the Proud (formerly Jebediah Moonblood)
Race: Elf
Class: Adept
Profession: Protecting The People
Eye Status: Not red


At first glance, with his wide hat, odd dress, prevalent religious iconography, and quiet demeanor, you might mistake Jebediah for one of the pious, pacifist Meek. Keep looking, however, and you'll quickly notice the dual six-shooters strapped to his waist and the swords sheathed on his back: Jebediah is far removed from the normal residents of Moonveil. Once, and only once, Jebediah was seen sporting ethereal angel's wings and glowing like a torch.

Jebediah is rarely seen far from the side of his leshy companion Annalyse.


Jebediah used to live in Moonveil, and once called himself Meek. Why he was exiled and why he is currently wandering in the wastes are unknown, though some claim that his sister died and three libraries were burnt down the same night he left.

He does not, at least, seem to be one of those Meek, the kind that bleed from their eyes and are on a violent crusade on the behalf of their angel (unless you ask a certain orange-haired gnome). Instead, Jebediah is often seen championing the cause of the weak and infirm.


Jebediah was first spotted in the wastes in the summer of 2215 at the Devil's Reservoir. He was introduced to First Church of the Isotope, and found their beliefs strange, but also strangely familiar. He went on several raids into the Devil's Tower, witnessing the near death of the Nameless one and seeing and fighting a ghost pirate. While raiding in the Tower, he unwittingly made a possible enemy of The Don, though The Don likely believes Jebediah to be dead.

Around the turn of the year 2216 Jebediah was seen around the areas of Misthaven and Bakerstown, where he met and eventually (begrudgingly) befriended Jeph the gnome. Outside the now petrified Bakerstown, Jebediah came face-to-face with an apparent leader of the red-eyed Meek, Deacon. Jebediah vowed to return to the area, to stop Deacon from continuing his evil teachings. However, upon his return a month later, not only did Jebediah not defeat Deacon (or even come in contact with him), but the evil leader murdered a travelling party of missionary Meek, seemingly for no other reason than to taunt Jebediah with a message written in their blood.

Jebediah was next seen around the area of Sunveil, trying to win some sort of contest. He was present for but not complicit in the Blue Monster Terrorism Incident. It's been rumored that he was part of the Happy Happy Fun Land Five, but that might just be a rumor.

Debts and Debtors

Person Type Amount Description Status
Felix "Pops" Taggart Debt 900 allins Felix spent 900 allins bolstering newcomers to the wastelands Paid as part of HHFL Split
Half-mechanical trader with two robot bodyguards Debtor 20 allins The trader did not give correct change then refused to correct his mistake Outstanding
The mysterious hiver leader Debtor Pain & Suffering Hivers captured Annalyse, dismembered her arm, and held her for ransom Paid (built Jebediah and Annalyse a house)
"13" Debt ~1,000 allins Helped to negotiate and paid large portions of the ransom for Annalyse's return Outstanding
Bargain Debt Deacon's head Traded information for the head of the evil red-eyed Meek leader Deacon Outstanding