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Photo by monolith productions
Pic500x334 blood2.jpg
Full Name: Hex
Race: Human (Mostly)
Class: Adept
Profession: Black Heart Ranger, Ashlands Ambassador to Ghost Wind and Border control.
Status: Cursed


A dark stranger adorned in a black duster coated with oil and ash, his eyes pierce through the shadows beneath his wide brim cattlehat with a dim red glow. Some say that his teeth are like razors and to some he inspires goosebumps. Sure this man is no different than any other traveller and shows no exceptional abilities that would speak otherwise. But at his back bares a red handprint burned through his duster into his skin leaving a bloody mark that never seems to heal and burns through any garb he wears.


At night those attuned feel a strange chill and evil about this man. His eyes sink more into his pale features and a hunger sets in his gaze that he fights to keep at bay... He battles to keep his humanity, and he is slowly losing. What is known of this man is his position as an embassador and highly ranked ranger of the BC (Black Heart Clan) of The Ashlands, most of his duties are composed with seeking traderoutes and to further improve the security of these routes in and out of his home region.