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Full Name: HK-75
Race: Ruster
Class: Soldier
Profession: Mercenary
Status: Active


HK is about 7 foot tall and has seen better days. His armor its a rusty silver color with plenty of dents.


During a routine salvage run, a group of nomads stumbled across a half buried bunker that looks like it's been through a dozen cruise missiles. This place clearly must have been demolished by the corps war. They manage to break through the door and rummage through the refuse which one of the salvagers trips over what looks like part of a metallic arm. Excited by the discovery, the entire group started to dig out the entire frame and realized they found a non operational but intact Ruster. After loading up the Ruster, they travel a ways before arriving at their camp and begin to unload their haul into storage. One of the nomads so called engineers had the bright idea to attempt to repair and to activate their discovery not knowing fully the consequences.