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Short and thin, gnomes are often mistaken for children. They can be identified by their odd hair colors, highpitched voices, and curious nature. Gnomes have a knack for machinery and putting things together, and have delicate fingers with an extra joint from the normal human bone structure. Combine this with a near-photographic memory for details and formulae, and you’ve got the makings of a master craftsman.

Game Information

Gnomes must have hair of a color not normally found (or uncommon) in the human species, such as Green, Blue, Bright Red, or pure White. Gnomes must also speak in a high voice when possible.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Gnomes have a -2 penalty to their starting body at character creation.

I Can Fix It!

Gnomes gain the “Gnomish Repair” skill as a racial skill. The Skill cap for Gnomish Repair is 1, and the Skill Cost is 6 points.

That's Easy

Gnomes pay one point less to learn the following skills; Chemistry, Electronics, Enchanting, Engineering, and Medical.