Ghost Wind

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Ghost Wind
Ghostwind map.png
Population: Unknown
Class: Rebel Settlement
Affiliation: Unknown

Under the outskirts of Colum houses a vast necropolis which contains a breed of creature that is unlike any other, the Ghouls. This vast city is known to outsiders as Ghost Wind. The true name of such a place couldn’t be understood by most sentient beings, as it is not really a spoken name, it is more various growl, sounds, and hisses. Most of Ghost Wind is vast network of tunnel infrastructure, established with the Black Heart Clans help, which leads to many trade hubs within. There are many different dens inside used for many different functions that range from Ghoul transformation chambers, to where the most lethal feral of the collective are housed. As one enters deeper into the city the sights are not just sane Ghouls roaming about but also River Ghouls, Ashlanders, and Black Heart Rangers who trade with the city and those who choose to call it home. As the tunnels grow much larger there are massive spires that one would say could reach the surface. These spires house POW’s and corpses, Ghost Wind’s main food source. Towards the center of the city is a giant chamber with two seven foot tall Ghouls guarding the entrance. Inside seats three chairs, each displaying their respective colors. The one on the left is for the Black Heart ambassador Hex, the one on the right is for the Mutopian ambassador and the one in the center is for the dominate ghoul of the entire hive. This room is really only used when important meetings or tribunals take place. Most beings are welcome into the city, but corporations and those who represent them are completely banned unless entering with strict approval from the highest authority and even then are usually brought forth in chains. Many non Ghouls and non Black Hearts rarely stay for long due to the fact that the smell of rotting flesh and just about everything baring their fangs usually gives off a very sinister vibe. The society functions by natural order. The ones that cannot retain their mind after the transformation are the ones that protect the hive and protect the Mutopia lands above as accordance to the agreements set in place. Most other Ghouls function in the society as workers and hunters and few who are smart enough further the hives ambition with scientific research.