Free Traders

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The Free Traders are the glue that holds the Wasteland together. No one knows who backs them, no one knows just how much they rake in for their services, but the fact is that they are necessary and vital parts of this warped land. They are known by their mark... It is a fine tracery of glowing silver wire on their forehead, obviously cyberware. It must be well-shielded to function within the Waste, and it is. No one quite knows what it does, but there are rumors that it allows them to share one mind. Certainly it is true that most Traders know when another Trader dies, and seem to know the identities of their murderers. Those who kill Free Traders usually buy themselves trouble. The Free Traders travel, sometimes alone and sometimes with guards. Sometimes they sponsor and run great caravans, that cross the length of the wastelands. They go from settlement to settlement, selling their wares. They can obtain things from inside enclaves, though their selection is seemingly random, at times. They don't get involved in local problems, they don't take sides, and so they are grudgingly trusted. Occasionally, a local or two tries to compete with the Traders. The Free Traders say that they don't mind that at all, though there are rumors that unscrupulous Traders aren’t above hiring assassins to take out rivals. More importantly to the average traveler, the Free Traders are one of the avenues that adventurers use to get into the Wasteland.