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Fixers are middlemen, merchants, and charismatic individuals who usually deal in money more than they do bullets. They can also be doctors, businessmen, or anyone who doesn't care so much about fighting, as supplies, healing, or simply working with other people. Many fixers have connections outside of the Wasteland that they can use to benefit their friends and customers. Many others develop them as they go, finding ways to network and spread their influence. Fixers start with 4 body.


Fixers have THE cheapest cost for the Funding skill. Not only that, but they have no skill cap for it! If you want a guarantee that your character will be wealthy, this is the class to play. They are unbeatable at specialties like acquiring items, gaining connections, and following the money. They are also excellent at all of the medical skills.


Fixers are not built for combat. They pay a big price for their offensive and defensive skills, and can't wear big armor. Health is expensive, and they start with very little of it. Really, the best defense a fixer tends to have is funding and equipping friends who are better fighters.


Play a fixer if you want to be guaranteed easy wealth, and enjoy the social aspect of the game more than fighting. Fixers also pay the least cost for the medical skills, so if you want to heal and don't want to mess around with magic, this is the class for you. Fixers are great support characters, so if you like healing the wounded and having people owe you favors then this class is the most suited for you.