First Church of the Isotope

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A loose collection of mutants led by the charismatic Father Figure. He believes that God revealed the secret of splitting the atom to Einstein and Madame Currie, and that atomic fire is actually holy radiance. Those it leaves alive are blessed, and their defects and diseases are actually trials sent to purify their souls. Anyone who dies a mutant, or from radiation sickness, is guaranteed to go to heaven.

This group often tries to help their neighbors, and is usually met with disgust, fear, and violence. The irony is that usually they are kind, helpful, and well-meaning folk… They just SEEM sinister and creepy. Many of them ARE insane, mind you, but not in directly harmful ways.

The Corps seem to have an odd non direct affiliation with them. As they're able to deposit their unwanted and a few food goods in exchange for things found in the Wastes. The church itself, has been expanding, so much so that they have a chapel in Misthaven and even Lund has allowed them to set up a small church on the outskirts of town.

Their members are known by the trefoil symbol found on any number 7 hazmat placard. (Thats the round one ya see afore yer hair falls out!)