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Full Name: Felix Victor[?] Birch

Age: Early to Mid-20’s

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Weight: 140[?] lbs.

Unique Identifiers: Speaks with a slight drawl. Always carries an M1911 with ‘Lady May’[?] etched into the slide.


Felix Birch grew up in the ‘Vada Wasteland. As a member of the Desert Ranger Corps, he is tasked with the maintenance of law and order in the Wild West. From an early age, Birch took upon this mantle of responsibility with an intensity and fire some would suggest is inspired by a personal vendetta[?]. His reasons for leaving ‘Vada are shrouded in mystery. Rumors about this soft-spoken Ranger persist behind his back at the many bars he frequents. He is relatively well known in the bounty hunting circles of Chi-Town, however. The completion of several high-profile kill-bounties, which include the Olson Brothers, Pink Boot Raiders, and the Black Garrison Mercs, are a testament to his skill. He was last seen south-east of Chi-Town with an unidentified female[?] in tow.