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The Enchanting skill is one of the five crafting skills along with Chemistry, Engineering, Electronics, and Medical.

The following recipes become available when you are qualified to utilize them. There are hidden recipes you'll have to find in-game.



Name:  Focus Component

Effort Required:  1

Materials Required: 2 Salvage

"For some mages, this takes the form of scribbled notes and symbols that are burned when used."

Name:  Force Component

Effort Required: 1

Materials Required:  2 Salvage

"Typically, a crystal or a properly prepared animal's claw or tooth or just about anything that represents force."

Name:  Level 1 Grimoire

Effort Required: 2

Materials Required: 2 Focus Components

“Every apprentice has to start somewhere.  Think of them as Magic for Dummies books.”

Name:  Level 1 Talisman

Effort Required: 1

Materials Required: 2 Force Components

“Holds a minor spell, usable by anyone once they know how.”

Name:  Meditation Focus

Effort Required: 2

Materials Required: 1 Focus component OR 1 Force component

"This is most commonly a small statue or totem, though some people prefer to make puzzles or crystal spheres."

Name:  Ritual Supplies

Effort Required: 2

Materials Required: 1 Focus Component, 1 Force Component

“A magician can call up avatar spirits, construct wards, and do other things with these.”


Name:  Level 2 Grimoire

Effort Required: 4

Materials Required: 4 Focus Components

“At this point, the student has graduated to the utilitarian spells...”

Name:  Level 2 Talisman

Effort Required: 2

Materials Required: 4 Force Components

“Useable only once, but can save your hoop in a pinch.”

Name:  Ward Enhancement -- Provisional Peace

Effort Required:  3  (NOTE:  Must be constructed in-game.  Cannot be done before or between games.  Does not require an enchantment workstation, DOES require an existing ward.)

Materials Required:  2 Focus Components 

"Directs the energy flow of the ward to produce soothing energies, that dispel spirits of violence and provide calm throughout the area."


Name:  Engraved Rune

Effort Required: 5

Materials Required:  2 Force Components

“The magical equivalent of a battery.”

Name:  Flawless Crystal

Effort Required: 5

Materials Required:  1 Focus Component, 1 Solid Component

“Doesn’t have to start flawless, but by the time you finish carving, it should be near perfect.”

Name:  Level 3 Grimoire

Effort Required: 6

Materials Required: 2 Flawless Crystals

“Now a journeyman, the magician can start to plumb the true depths of his power.”

Name:  Level 3 Talisman

Effort Required: 3

Materials Required: 2 Engraved Runes

“Be careful who you give these to, they’re quite effective.”


Name:  Level 4 Grimoire

Effort Required: 8

Materials Required: 3 Flawless Crystals

“Books like this should not fall into the hands of the unready.”

Name:  Level 4 Talisman

Effort Required: 4

Materials Required: 3 Engraved Runes

“Watch it, this one’s packing a powerful spell.”


Name:  Astrologically Aligned Focus

Effort Required: 9

Materials Required:  2 Flawless Crystals, 1 Herbal Component

“You can only make these when the stars are right.”

Name:  Bound Lesser Spirit

Effort Required: 9

Materials Required:  1 Ritual Supplies, 2 Engraved Runes

“Not powerful enough to do much on its own, but useful for powering minor things.”

Name:  Level 5 Grimoire

Effort Required: 10

Materials Required: 2 Astrologically Aligned Focus

“These books represent the pinnacle of a mage’s research and experience.”

Name:  Level 5 Talisman

Effort Required: 5

Materials Required: 2 Bound Lesser Spirits

“This talisman will hold a great spell within it.”


Name:  Ritual of Contact -- Lesser Spirit

Effort Required:  12 (NOTE:  May only be conducted in-game.  Can not be done before or between games)

Materials Required:  4 Bound Lesser Spirits, 2 Astrologically Aligned Focus, 4 Ritual Supplies

"Allows you to talk with a lesser animal, dark, elemental, or ideal spirit, and plead your case.  If you can bargain with it successfully, it will gift you with an avatar formula of its type.  Mind you, if you piss it off, it'll probably try to eat you.  Might be handy to have a warded area nearby when you do this ritual."