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Tall and graceful, elves are possessed of nearly-flawless features, and otherworldly ways. Identifiable by their pointed ears, they are the most integrated metatype into modern society. Many elves go into magic-based careers, or indulge a love for nature in all its glory. Though it has never been tested, elves are rumored to be able to live for centuries.

Game Information

Elves must have pointed ears, such as false rubber tips or other types of coverings that give the appearance of points.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Elves have a -1 penalty to their starting body at character creation.

Magically Gifted

Elven Magicians pay one point less to learn the skills Elemental Magic, Material Magic, and Mental Magic, as well as any other unknown “Magic”-type skills. Elves who are not magicians may select one first level elemental or mental spell at character creation. They may cast this spell using physical drain in a manner similar to magicians.


Elves gain the “Elven Dodge” skill as a racial skill. The Skill cap for Elven Dodge is 4, and the Skill Cost is 3 points.