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Squat and sturdy, dwarves are born tough, and with a tendency towards excess facial hair. Dwarves are famous for common sense and general gruffness. Most gravitate towards careers involving machines or computers, though there are always exceptions. Dwarven magicians are rare, but not unheard of. All male dwarves have beards of some sort.

Game Information

Male dwarven characters must have a visible beard of some sort, whether real, makeup, or fake. Female dwarven characters must have either braids or a beard of some sort. They may have both braids and beard if they wish, but this is optional.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Dwarves gain +1 to their starting body at character creation.

Full Coverage

Dwarves have their Skill Cap for the Armorer Skill raised to 5, regardless of career. They must still purchase the Armorer skill as usual, if they wish to fully utilize this advantage.

Magically Grounded

Dwarves gain the "Resist Magic" skill as a racial skill. The skill cap for Resist Magic is 5, and the skill cost is 4 points.

Weak Magic

Dwarven Magicians add +1 to the Skill Cost of the Elemental Magic, Material Magic, and Mental Magic skills, as well as any other unknown “Magic”-type skills.

Stubby Legs

Dwarves add +2 to the Skill Cost of the Dodge Skill.