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The Chemistry skill is one of the five crafting skills along with Enchanting, Engineering, Electronics, and Medical.

The following recipes become available when you are qualified to utilize them. There are hidden recipes you'll have to find in-game.



Name:  Armored Clothing

Armor Value 5

Effort Required: 2

Materials Required: 2 Liquid Components

“Soak the cloth in the liquid kevlar solution, and sew in reinforcement points before it dries.”

Name:  Batteries (2) (Consumable item, 4game uses)

_x_ Batteries.

Effort Required: 1

Materials Required: 1 Liquid Component OR 1 Solid Component

“If you’re skilled, almost any material that reacts can be used as a battery.”

NOTE: Provides power to small devices.

Name:  Buckshot Shells (10) (Consumable item)

Usable only with a shotgun.  May call “10 explosive!” when fired.

Effort Required: 1

Materials Required:  1 Solid Component

“Finding the right powder-to-pellet ratio takes some research.”

Name:  Bullets (20) (Consumable item)

Effort Required: 1

Materials Required:  1 Solid Component

“Not quite reliable enough for automatic weapons, but good enough for basics.”

NOTE: These are what guns shoot.

Name:  Liquid Component  (Component)

Effort Required: 1

Materials Required: 2 units of Salvage

“There are times when all you need is a few drops of a trace element.”

Name:  Molotov Cocktail (2 grenades)

Target Ignited

Effort Required: 2

Materials Required: 1 Liquid Component, 1 bottle of Liquor

“A few drops of reactant turn the alcohol into a sticky goo, and make it burn longer.”

Name:  Solid Component (Component)

Effort Required: 1

Materials Required: 2 units of Salvage

“Crystals, reactive metals, powders and

rocks. Stuff with some mass behind it.”


Name:  Gas Mask

Renders user immune to the “Smoked” condition.  Also provides immunity to airborn gas, from things like gas grenades, environmental hazards, or traps.  Requires one filter per hour of use.

Effort Required: 4

Materials Required:  2 Liquid Components, 2 Solid Components, 2 Structural Components

“Treated rubber, along with a couple of solid lenses and sturdy straps makes a mask that’ll stand up to 90% of the airborne contaminants out there.”

Name:  Gas Mask Filter (2)

Used to activate a gas mask.  Destroy tag after use.

Effort Required: 3

Materials Required:  1 Liquid Component, 1 Solid Component

“Good for one use, and discard after you’re clear.  Trust me, do NOT use one of these twice.”

Name:  Patching Kit

Tape to any regular armor item prior to the end of the game, adds 2 game uses to it.

Effort Required:  4

Materials Required:  2 Liquid Components, 1 Solid Component

“A few duracloth patches, with bonding gel and loose thread.  Good for extending the life of almost any armor.”

Name:  Reinforced Jumpsuit

Ballistic Armor Value 10

Effort Required: 4

Materials Required: 3 Liquid Components

“The liquid Kevlar-soaked strips are placed through the entire outfit, then the synthsilk is applied.”


Name:  Accelerant (Component)

Effort Required: 5

Materials Required: 2 Liquid Components

“This makes chemicals react faster.  Especially useful for fast-burning substances.”

Name:  Bullets (50)

Effort Required:  3

Materials Required:  2 Solid Components

“Once you’ve got enough powder and shell casings, bullets are cheaper to make in batches.”

NOTE: You know what these are by now right?

Name:  Catalyst (Component)

Effort Required: 5

Materials Required: 2 Solid Components

“Refine it carefully, and you’ll decrease your chances of losing fingers.”

Name:  Chemsteel Coating (Component)

Effort Required:  6

Materials Required:  2 Catalyst, 2 Liquid Components

“Keep it sealed against oxygen and apply without hesitation.  Once exposed, it sets quickly.”

Name:  Fragmentation Grenade (3 grenades)

10’ area 50 Explosive

Effort Required: 6

Materials Required: 2 Solid Components, 1 Catalyst, 1 Gearing Component

“Pin, handle, grenade…  That’s the order it goes, never forget that.”


Name:  Refined Bullets (30)

Effort Required:  8

Materials Required:  1 Catalyst, 1 Alloyed Metal

“It takes a lot of refining and a first class toolset to get even a small batch.”

NOTE: Used in machine guns.

Name:  Riot Shield

Negates all melee damage and most melee combat skills that strikes the shield. (As long as the rest of the user is not struck.)  Does not negate disarm.

Effort Required: 8

Materials Required:  1 Accelerant, 2 Liquid Components, 4 Solid Components

“Once you’ve got a proper broth of polycarbonates, getting it into the mold and letting it set is simple.”

Name:  Tank of Fuel (Component, OR Consumable)

Effort Required:  7

Materials Required:  1 Accelerant

“Good for vehicles, gas motors, and flamethrowers alike.”


Name:  Bonding Compound (Component)

Effort Required:  9

Materials Required: 1 Catalyst, 1 Fast-Acting Enzymes

“The enzymes render the gunpowder inert, and make it sticky.  Very sticky.”

Name:  Dynamite (2 sticks)

15 foot area 100 Explosive.  If you take fire or explosive damage while carrying this, it detonates.

Effort Required:  10

Materials Required:  1 Industrial Solvent, 1 Catalyst, 8 Liquid Components

“It’s not figuring out how to make it that’s such a chore.  It’s making a STABLE batch of refined nitro that’s the trick.  And evenly soaking the wood-pulp requires constant attention.  Oh, and if you get a spark anywhere near it while this is going on, BOOM.”

Name:  Industrial Solvent(Component)

Effort Required:  9

Materials Required:  1 Accelerant, 4 Compound Components

“Do NOT get this stuff on your eyes.  Or in your mouth.  Or… Well, you get the picture.”


Name:  Cyberware -- Dermal Sheath

Dermal Sheath:  Equivalent to the Level 1 Dermal Armor skill. 

Effort Required:  12

Materials Required:  2 Bonding Compound, 4 Synthflesh

"Toughens and thickens the subject's skin without losing any resiliency.  This won't hinder movement.  On the other hand, it won't completely stop a bullet, either.  Incompatible with trollhide."


Name:  Dikote(Component)

Effort Required: 13

Materials Required:  2 Bonding Compound

“Synthetic diamond coating makes sharp things sharper, protects whatever it’s on, and doesn’t scratch.”

Name:  Nanite Dissemblers(Component)

Effort Required: 13

Materials Required:  1 Industrial Solvent, 1 Nanite Strain

“Ever hear of grey goo?  It’s what the nanites turn EVERYTHING they touch into if you neglect their safety protocols.  Use caution while making these.”