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Not all bounties are for individuals.

Infamy can be a dangerous thing in the Wastes. It starts with an innocent comment in a bar, maybe a dirty look at the wrong person, perhaps a raid on a Hallmart depot, and suddenly you've got every bounty hunter from here to Kain Tuck out looking to make few allins off of your hide. However, there is a flip side. For some of the more enterprising folk with more bullets than scruples it can be a good way to make some quick cash. But watch yourself. These individuals didn't get a price on their head for being gentle.

Types of Bounties

  • The most lucrative bounties are on individuals. Often the more dangerous the individual, the higher the reward. These can be risky but the reward money will keep you in bullets and supplies for a while.
  • Although they are generally worth less money, bounties are also often offered on animals or creatures deemed undesirable by particular governments or corporations. They are worth less individually but can be collected more than once and are often considerably less dangerous.

Known Bounties

Name Aliases Offered By Stipulation Reward Additional Details
Toddwanted.jpg TODD -- Roja Cola -- 5000 Allins and Corporate Membership No additional details available.
Binder Bowser, Bob-Johnny Lund Alive 500 Bullets and 200 Salvage (half if dead) No additional details available.
Kron Dead or Alive 1,000 Allins Dead / 1,001 Allins Alive No additional details available.
Securit'as Dead or Alive Negotiable, 1,000 Allins Minimum No additional details available.
Hallmart Dead 3,000 Allins No additional details available.
Icarus Alive 5,000 Allins No additional details available.
Bakerstown Dead or Alive 200lbs of grain, 4 milking heffers and a shiny silver sword No additional details available.
Chucks Demons Alive (Preferable) High end components, refined bullets and an operations discount No additional details available.
Apollowanted.jpg Aries -- FRL Alive 1,000 Allins (triple if accompanied by the stolen property) Wanted for breaking and entering, grand theft, vandalism, kidnapping and destruction of private property. Need not have all of his fingers and toes. Please contact (FRL) The Foundation for the Restoration of Literature located in Kron, care of Director Seth.
Unit 171 Jack Aries Dead Whatever the target is carrying (minus the head) and a military size cache of weapons and ammo No additional details available.
John Magnerson -- Farmcorp -- 300 Allins Return to Securit'as to collect.
Shadowwanted.png Shadow -- Manton Industries Alive 800 Allins Dead. 1,200 Alive. Securit'as is the third party poster of the bounty and will accept delivery with a 10% fee.
Hall Mart -- 3000 Allins For the attempted assassination of Krons city manager.
Pierre id.png Pierre Jayson Birch Hall-mart Alive or Dead 5000 Allins Alive/ 2000 Allins Dead Open Traitor Cult Terrorist, last seen on CCTV flying stolen helichopper, GPS signal shows flight south of Kron, signal lost.

500 allin reward for live capture of persons of interest to be tested vs DNA samples recovered:

Possible POI code names captured via CCaudio: Ander, Birch, Felix, Olive

-- Felix Birch -- Securit'as independent contractors association -- 5000 Allins No additional details available.