Bloody Bill's Bar

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Bloody Bill's Bar
Status: Operational


Bloody Bill once had a board and a shack, then a ruster came stomping out of the glow warrens and destroyed both. Not to be discouraged, Bill rebuilt. He decided that he wanted to make his bar a fortress, and he built the closest thing one could find in the wastes.



The shack is completely covered on the outside with any metal Bill could find, signs, car doors; he even has tank treads bolted to the door. The windows are glass, and there are metal shutters flipped up. The front door is up just two steps up off of the remains of a highway. If there is a back door, nobody has seen it; the entire back side of the bar has an 8 foot high fence made of corrugated metal around it.


The inside of the bar is a bit more color coordinated. Dark red tile floors and a dark green paint job on the upper half of the walls, dark wood paneling on the lower half. It’s generally quiet, despite the occasional noise from the back area.

The Bar

The stools at the bar are the nicest looking things in the place, it looks like somebody actually had them custom made for the bar. Bloody Bill is always behind the bar and ready to talk your ear off about something from his past that you are pretty sure probably didn’t actually happen. He will also provide an ear as long as he doesn’t need it to make a sale, or threaten somebody trying to get into the back room.

Behind the bar is a metal door that says "Do Not Enter" The blood stains all over the floor that suggest you should listen. Bill standing at his bar with a shotgun doesn’t much help either. There are often strange noises behind the door.

To the left is a latch free door with a circular window. It leads to the kitchen and it says "Employees Only"

The Board

Near the door is a board of flyers covered with help wanted ads and other postings.

The Tables

A round metal card table with some folding lawn chairs sits nearest the kitchen, it is also the best lit table in the room, and often has people playing cards.

Between the bar and the door is a wooden picnic table that rotted away a bit in the middle, it looks like tar was poured onto it to keep it from getting worse.

Tucked in the corner is a round plastic deck table. There is a ratty sectional couch forming a booth around half the table, and two foot rests on the other side to provide two more seats.


Bloody Bills Bar is the Roleplaying area of Bloody Bill's Board, the official Wastelands LARP Forum, which can be found here.