Bloody Bill

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Bloody Bill
Full Name: Bill
Race: Human
Status: Friendly


Bill is the owner and operator of Bloody Bill's Bar. He is generally pretty friendly unless you owe him money or damage his stuff.


Bill served time in the Corp Wars as a Pilot, though he wont say who he flew for. His time between the end of the war and him settling down in the Hio region is mostly unknown. A few folks have tried to piece together that part of his life by listening to stories but given his propensity of telling impossible to believe stories that project is slow going. Whatever happened, he settled down with a shack and a board. Life was going just fine until that was destroyed, which is probably why he built his bar in the same spot.


Bill is generally friendly and always willing to tell old stories to those who listen. However, piss him off and expect two barrels of pain right in the face. Despite his elevated age he is quite strong and able to take a lot of punishment. He seems to know a lot about the wastelands and the people in it, including things that he should have no way of knowing.


Most speculate that Bill's expansive knowledge comes from the rather blank spot in his life and that he spent that time running shadow ops for whichever Corps were willing to pay. This is supported by the fact that most of the older Corps don't go near Bill's Bar.

According to one unnamed source, Bill's back room is a laboratory/workshop where Bill keeps 1000's of clones and teleportation technology.