Black Heart Clan

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Comprised of the children of original settlers to these lands, in past days when Ashland was first named "poage's landing". They are now known to be the ruthless and zealous rangers, hunters, and scavengers that mostly populate a town built in the pre war summit prison now named "Ziggurat" and many outposts in the surrounding dead and toxic forests known as 'The Nethers' that surround the Ashlands. Many dark rumors and mysteries shroud this sect. Many haunting tales of effigies, 'trophies', and meals composed of their fallen foes being a common occurrence in their society. Their culture highly reflects a strange assortment of Native American, Celt, Nord, Scottish, and Gaul influences with a fascination with the macabre. Black Heart rangers have been around since the skies went dark and the world shunned the hills of the tristate region of the Ohio river bordering prewar Kentucky, West Virginia, and Ohio. There was a small pocket of life left in the hellish landscape that eventually gave birth to a town named “Margentroth”. The BC saw potential in the new lives the denizens had made for themselves, shunning most technology and reverting to bronze and dark age technology. Despite the obvious raids from outsiders brave enough to travel into the region and the evil at the very heart of the pre-war downtown, the Ashlanders seemed to have found a balance and settled their conflicts with valor. The BC sought to preserve the old ways The Ashlanders seemed to have embraced over centuries of adaptation to the new hellish region. the BC decided to take the territories surrounding the Ashlands known to its denizens as the “Nether”. They have continued till this day to keep the Ashlanders in, and the outsiders out with only one route opened for trade to the regions of Hio. This route is now patrolled and has many checkpoints to keep surveillance and security of the hellish region almost completely untampered. This also seemed to be a benefit keeping modern warfare of the outside world at bay. Others speculate that the BC also keep a vice grip on the region to keep its own festering evil within to protect the adjacent regions.