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Population: Unknown
Class: Franchise Town
Affiliation: Roja Cola

Bakerstown is run by Baker, a large jolly man with a heart of gold and flour staining his white chef's coat. The town started out as nothing more than a ragtag collection of desperate folks camping out near his cake coach. An old man with a desire to feed his neighbors and a few supplies. Hard times seem to fall on everyone in Misthaven and they didn't get much better when Roja Cola came in. Though they did change, the times that is. Folks that didn't make the cut into the family, or didn't spend enough of their hard earned allins in the companies overpriced store, were expelled. Seems Roja Cola only cares about family members it can exploit. Big surprise.

If it weren't for Don Tempest Serafini, Bakerstown would still be a fringe settlement of locals struggling to get by. Thankfully, despite the turmoil of their beginning, the Roja family took Baker and his town in and even left the towns name in place. They even added some guards and a small company store in town. Most of the folks here are still farmers, though every one of them is a member of the militia. A factoid the local bandits figured out right quick. Now a days though, the Roja Cola flag flies out here in Bakerstown.