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Biological Perfection
Full Name: Aries
Race: Ghoul
Class: Agent
Profession: Current leader of Ghost Wind
Status: Retired


Aries is a temperamental individual who can make just about anyone disappear. But as of most recently, he was taken by the ghouls and was presumed dead. He has come back now though most of his body is covered now by scars and twisted flesh but is kept hidden from view as most people wouldn't take kindly to the sight of him. It is rumored that he has razor sharp teeth and claws that can rip a person in half without even thinking twice about it.


Not much is known about his background but the few friends he had told us they brought him on as a consultant on a project working with the bartender known as Bloody Bill. He has ties with Icarus Inc., but that's mostly ancient history. Most of the time Aries is at his hideout or at Bloody Bills Bar, usually drinking and getting into the occasional bar fight with the local Orcs and usually cracking jokes at Lou.

Recent Events At Kron

At Kron,There was a type of vault that some flashy corp types wanted access to and apparently a strange Gnome Lexi went inside and never came out. He also became involved with an expedition to clear out a Ghoul warren but the numbers were way to overwhelming to handle and he was captured in the attempt with the echoing sounds of gnawing out in the distance.

Recent Events At Misthaven

At Misthaven Aries appeared but this time without a heartbeat. He took part in destroying many spiders and going to a mad house amusement park named Happy Fun Land. He met a lot of new people there and discovered an old warhound facility that housed a Rogue Ruster named Jack. The facility contained some interesting research going on there with Ghouls but most of it was assumed destroyed.

Recent Events At South of Lund

At Lund, a briefcase that was to be delivered to a friend was trapped and was being disarmed, but someone with nosy eyes decided to trip the trap in the briefcase and caused a massive explosion that left him in pieces. He has sense been taken to the Icarus medical base and no one has seen him, no one knows if hes dead or alive. Due to his nature, if he survives, those responsible will find themselves torn apart.


He has begun to study deeply into chemistry and you never know what he is up to. He has sense made friends with another strange dark figure known as Hex and continues to tend to his current endeavor. He has developed a much more darker side due to his current situation. He also seems to have a distinct hatred towards Orcs no one seems to know why.