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Death is only the beginning
Full Name: Archon
Race: Human
Class: Cultist
Profession: Unknown
Status: Retired


Archon is about 6 foot fall with blue eyes. He tends to prefer the cold over anything else and has an eerie feel about him. He wears a black cloak and has very cold skin. He also wears a very dark skeletal ring on his middle finger, which he never takes off. Archon is also 1126 years old but has the look and feel of someone in their 20's.


Archon was found trapped in an Ice Prison that scientists say is about 1100 years old. Now who put him in there, he does not know, but it is safe to say it was not his choice. He has an unusual liking to dark places and spends most of his time in solitude. After his trip to Stormhome his demeanor seems to be changing.

Recent Events South of Lund

Archon was released when adventures stumbled upon his Ice Prison south of Lund and was released along with an horrid beast that with his help they managed to take him down.

Recent Events at The Devils Reservoir

Archon was out looking for interesting artifacts at The Devils Reservoir but what he found was a zombie infestation. He also met a few new travelers and considers them interesting... for now.

Recent Events at Stormhome

At the mutants new home, Archon met some interesting Russians, one of which really doesn't understand the concept of BAD IDEA. Archon also was sucked into not 1 but 2 portals, but was safely returned. Something has changed about him but most wouldn't notice.


No plans yet.


Archon can sometimes be seen in cemeteries casting unknown spells in a language that normal beings cant understand.