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Wizard. Likes Books.
Full Name: Ander
Race: Dwarf... as far as you know.
Class: "Wizard"
Profession: Librarian
Status: Active


Ander is a wizard. He likes books. Like... a lot. Uncomfortably so. It is genuinely creepy how much he likes books. He is rarely seen without his nose buried in some tome or other and, consequently, his nose is seen considerably less often than the rest of him. Often accompanying him and his many books is a hat of a distinctive pointy shape. It may seem like a cliched piece of wizarding equipment, but if asked he will inform you that he originated the style when he discovered the amplifying magical properties of the "cone" shape. He may also mention that "that Merlin guy" is a "damned dirty idea-stealer".


First Appearance

The first recorded appearance of Ander was in 2213 in Misthaven where for reasons unrecorded by history he had disguised himself as a Fixer. Shortly thereafter, however, he was revealed as a Wizard of both great power and not so great judgement.

Servant of Fire

While on a trip to Kron (under the guise of a Hat Salesman to avoid persecution for being a magic user) Ander encountered Phueggo, the spirit of the Great Kron Coal Fire. While attempting to negotiate passage for him and his friends, he ended up in the service of the spirit. Whether this was intentional or not is uncertain, and Ander remains tight lipped on the subject. His left arm was badly burned in this encounter, stubbornly refusing all healing. Following this occurance, he was seen to wield fire with great abandon, taking great glee in it's judicious application.

Misthaven Library

After the former occupier of the post came down with a nasty case of murder, Ander took over as the librarian and curator of the Misthaven Library in late September of 2214. When the town was decimated by the expanding mists in 2215 the library was destroyed as well. Ander escaped with his life, but not by much. He doesn't like to talk about it.

The New Library

After the destruction of the library in Misthaven, Ander sought a new house of learning in which to ply his trade. At last he hit upon an idea. He struck a bargain with acclaimed barman "Bloody" Bill to rent the dissused kitchen in his establishment in exchange for enchanting services and proceeded to convert it to a new library of his own.

Educator of Mutopia / The Flame Betrayed

While on a mission of educational outreach to Mutopia (in the ruins of what used to be Misthaven) Ander encountered a being called Bargain. He was offered a choice between knowledge and fire. He chose knowledge, and in the opinion of a certain spirit of flame, he chose poorly. He was burned to within an inch of his life, then a few more inches for good measure. Somehow he came out of it alive, free of Phueggos influence and with a renewed drive for knowledge.

Tried and Convicted/Librarian to Colum

After an altercation in a bar in Colum Ander was arrested. He was (mostly) innocent and would have been released presently, except that they searched his belongings and found some... sensitive materials. Ander was promptly accused of necromancy and put on trial. Without proof of his actually having used the dark arts, but still clearly possessing the materials, the sentencing was lenient and Ander was given community service... in Colums dilapidated library.