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If theres one thing you'll see alot of in the wastes, it's bullets. Sometimes they're being melted down for scrap, other times they're being traded as currency. Most often, however, you'll find them whizzing through the air. Possibly at you. Whether a grizzled mercenary loaded down with enough firearms for a small army or a dust-covered merchant with a single revolver hidden beneath his coat, at one point or another, everyone in the wasteland will need bullets.

Varieties of ammunition

To the untrained eye, one bullet is much like another. But connoisseurs of these death dealing little beauties know that there are bullets, and there are bullets. Subtle variations in the metals used, minor adjustments to the shape and rotation, perhaps the occasional incendiary compound. All of these affect the accuracy and effectiveness of these potent and precise projectiles, and could make the difference between life and death in the wastes.

Game Information

Types of Bullets
Color Type
Yellow Standard
Tan Magnum
Green Buckshot
Black Dragons
White AP