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Agents are stealthy, deadly types. They have a talent for sneaking, or have been trained to do terrible things to people who don’t know that they’re coming. Agents can be equally good at acting at range, or close up, and they have an assortment of skills that let them handle things like tracking, and traps. Yet agents are usually pretty fragile when it comes to a stand-up fight… The strength of an agent comes from getting the first shot in. Getting the first strike in a fight lets them get the last strike in a fight. Agents start with 5 body.


Agents have the cheapest skill cost for demolitions, and can learn how to make and disarm traps. This can be invaluable, when you have time to prepare an ambush ground. They have skills which can take down most opponents in a single shot, and are fairly well-rounded otherwise, as their skill costs can suit a number of play styles. They also get access to a few useful defenses, for an agreeable price.


Agents pay a pretty high price for the Health Skill, and have low body to start. Playing an effective agent sometimes means that you have to be personally good at stealth, or rely upon allies to distract your foes. You can turn the tide of a fight, but you have to know the right moment to strike, or you won’t last long.


Play an agent if you enjoy finishing foes off in a single, skillful shot or strike, or if you have a talent for sneaking. Being able to get close to a foe without alerting them is the main knack you’ll want to develop, if you want to take full advantage of an agent’s tricks.