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Adepts are people who have been blessed with the gift of magic. But instead of learning spells and dealing with spirits, they have gained the capability to focus their magic internally, enhancing their physical abilities to levels normal people can only dream of. Adepts are usually some of the best people around at melee combat, and have a few tricks that let them dodge bullets, break an enemy’s limbs, or cause fear in those unlucky enough to oppose them. There’s also nothing stopping an adept from learning to use a gun, and some of them become deadly shots. Truly, adepts have the best of both worlds when it comes to fighting. Adepts start with 6 Body.


Adepts get the cheapest close-combat skills, and have decent starting body. They also get access to many unique skills, most of which have combat applications. They are very effective against creatures without firearms.


If you focus too heavily on hand-to-hand skills, then you will spend a lot of time finding ways to close with gun-wielding opponents before they can shoot you down. Ranged attacks are your bane; you must accept this and deal with it for the rest of your career. Also, adepts cannot use cyberware. It interrupts the flow of magic within their body, and is sometimes fatal. Adepts also start with one of the highest costs for the Funding skill in the game.


If you enjoy close-combat, and don’t mind running and using cover to get to gun-wielding foes then this is the class for you. Mobility and melee skill are the key strengths you need to take advantage of an adept’s skill set.