2016-11: Season Opener

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Season Opener
Location: Sunveil
Site: John Beltz Retreat Center
Dates: Nov 4-6, 2016
Facebook Event

Pre-Game Teaser

<<Freetraders Data Network system error 404>>
<<Mass Chain Letter archive prompt x67c57T4583gki96hdri996hkse578hkuyrfhuiggeedghuijgdrijbgtihgrtuii76543eeghju555rgh7789898hgtr4468uvgr6eefuii87766666tggguo96531gyn9h6b59s5b8r5b669jh0h09v8ysrrggyyugy32tuohbttu79632g4h78h7u79jp0>>
(AJ)Is this audio typographic thingy working? Oh I see what I'm saying on the picture box. Must be.
(AJ) It pains me to use this infernal recording contraption. There may have been a time when The People did not shun such things and those who use them but that time was long before technology and those who use it destroyed the world. Hnh, interesting dichotomy. Once the Elders learn of this recording the best I can hope for is being stripped of my family name. More likely though, the ever pious Moonbloods and their Muddite dogs will ensure my excommunication from Moonvale. So be it, they can destroy this device like they did our library but unlike our books, this will persist despite their efforts.
(AJ) As an Archivist, I've studied our Long history, our families histories, our bloodlines our people, who we are. Our history pre-dates the Fall, predates even the presidents, kings and queens of the times before the fall. So too has been the durance of our internal feuds, which have waxed and waned through the ages and led us to where we are now. Bent, splitting at the seams, harboring animosity for one another, descending into immorality, sowing strife and very nearly divided. 
Since the second exodus Angels have walked amongst us, some days literally among us. They protect us from the Horde and its minions, from Kain Tucks slave raiders, from the bulk of Radiation. They stop the bullets of would-be marauders, diffuse explosions, halt undead at the tunnel into Moonvale yet they do nothing to stop us from hitting one another, they diffuse no arguments nor do they work to halt fear and its friend anger. The Angels keep us safe from the outside world but they do not keep us safe from ourselves. Our history sho- *garbled*
(Unregistered Speaker)BLASPHEMY!!! How Dare You Blaspheme those who protect us!
(AJ)Brother Ashnalt the truth is not blasphemy.
(Unregistered Speaker)Your blasphemy will reflect on me!
(AJ)Only our own actions and words reflect on us, we are not to be judged by what others do, only what we do or do not do.
(Unregistered Speaker)The words of a blasphemous mouth do not reach the ears of the faithful.
(AJ)So too does the farmer trip and trample his crops when closing his eyes.
(Unregistered Speaker)SILENCE! Put that weapon down lest we defend ourselves.
(AJ)Unlike your Muddites I have sworn the ancient oath of non-violence unto death.
(Unregistered Speaker)Put down your weapon!
(AJ)Brother this is a voice phone not a weapon.
(Unregistered Speaker)He seeks to steal our voices!
(Unregistered Speaker)Archivist Jonathan Samuel Burg, You are hereby ordered to cast aside your voice weapon and surrender. If you come peacefully back to Moonvale, you will be given a fair trial and excommunicated.
(AJ) Ashnalt Cyprus Moonblood, I came to Misthaven to get away from you, so I would rather die on my feet than on my knees blowing you.
(Unregistered Speaker)*inaudible*
(Unregistered Speaker)No prop him up behind our barricade. He wasn't in control of himself anymore, the demons in the technology made him catch the house on fire. It was hoping to trap us in here but the good Deacon managed to fight it off to let us escape.
(Unregistered Speaker)I'll make sure a few of us have burns. Why'd he stay behind though?
(AJ) *inaudible*
(Unregistered Speaker)He said he couldn't keep it out forever and didn't want anyone else getting hurt again.
(Unregistered Speaker)Noble sacrifice. Excellent idea. I'll make sure our reports reflect different versions of it. What if they ask about his body?
(Unregistered Speaker)To protect the community we buried him at the base of his apple tree, sealed the area with an eternal ward and put up warning signs in all directions.
(Unregistered Speaker)*inaudible*
(AJ pre recorded message) Is this working? I hope so. This is Deacon Burg of the Meek at Moonvale. I'm on a mission to find our foresaken, the Proud and give them forgiveness and offer them the chance to come home. I guess if you're reading this though, it means either I've succeeded in reunifying the People or something has eaten me. Heh heh. Blessed be ye
<End Transmission>

Memorable Quotes

  • "We get to sleep an extra hour." - Rob
  • "Meet us in the kitchen" - Natashia
  • "Will you sign my hat?" - Frat Boy (Neight)
  • "How much for the books?" - Ander
    • "Which ones?" - Shopkeep
      • "Yes." - Ander
  • "You're getting rid of all your clothes?"
    • "Well, yes, they're all last season."
  • Cat thing: *opens door*
    • Drake: 50 elemental fire!
      • Cat thing: "Dodge"
        • Cat thing: *turns around, closes door*
  • Shopkeep: "All three of our family libraries were burnt down by Jebediah Moonblood on the night he killed his sister and ran away"
    • Jebediah: *exits stage right*
      • Ander: "This Jebediah fellow sounds terrible. What does he look like?"
        • Jebediah: *exits faster*
  • "Lizard Wizard"
  • Tashia: "Pound it."
    • NPC (Ian): Flips off with one remaining hand.
  • "Monster! Oh no wait, thats Nate."