2016-04: Bolthole Resort

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Bolthole Resort
Location: Bolthole Resort
Site: John Beltz Retreat Center
Dates: Apr 9-10, 2016
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Pre-Game Teaser

The Sickle Road winds its way from the Eerie south through the edge of the Restricted Zane Zone. If followed to its end you'd pass near Moonvale, the Ash lands countless other towns and vills, a barony or three and find yourself down in the golf of New L'Antic city. Along the way is Pale Ridge, which is all that's left of what used to be the Lund Holdings town of Zane. Story goes that Zane got uppity and killed an arbiter and the whole of Lund -ya know, the folks that kicked the corps out- came down on Zane like a brick house on a rotten egg. Just not before Zane's council cried wolf to the Hallies and signed over management rights of their city. The Hallies showed up to the chagrin of the Lundsmen and brutality ensued. In the end, there was no clear winner but it was clear Zane lost. Lund had leveled every single building, destroyed disabled or trapped the infrastructure, and killed anything they found living and rumors of some things that weren't. Lund pulled its stakes from Zane and shored up its new boarder. To this day, they shoot anyone and any anything approaching their boarder from Zane. Hall Mart declared victory but due to guerilla action by the browncoats, didn't have the resources on hand to rebuild the town. So they dug ditches and erected earthen walls classifying the former town and battlefield as Restricted and arrested or shot anyone they caught in or near it. At least until the Bolthole resort bought tourist rights to it.

Memorable Quotes

  • (after observing dr. bag do his thing) "Nope, I think we all feel extremely healthy!"

  • NPCs: walk in, play cards, and start talking about some moron in a jumpsuit.
  • PCs: *ignoring intensifies*

  • *Loud Vomiting* "*hic*... Yorrick what did you do!?" *Passes out* - Ander

  • "I'm dying in agony while you sit there and eat chimichangas!" - Ander
  • "No, no, no. They're enchiladas."

  • "Headshot"
  • "Bullet dodge"
  • "Headshot"
  • "Resist"
  • "Headshot"
  • *dies*
  • "I've got three of 'em... Motherfucker!"

  • "Said he was a vegan." - Birch
  • "Yeah I bet he is." - Taggart
  • "Only eats Leshy" - Someone else

  • "Hey big guy, where ya going?" - Someone
  • "Morg wandering." - Morg
  • "Did he just say his name was Morg? As in where dead people go?" - Someone else

  • "We could play jump rope?" - The worlds creepiest little girl
  • "I don't think we have a rope." - Ander
  • "Perhaps your mutilated corpse would do." - TWCLG

  • (Trying to distract the union workers) "Hey look! Unpaid Overtime!" -Ander

  • *grumbling* Book hater... I wonder how many leatherbound volumes you could get out of a skinned gnome..." - Ander

  • "Spellcasting 20 Elemental Lightning." - Ian/Ander
  • Thorn "Spellcasting Command" - Neight/Thorn
  • "You get the 20?" - Ian/Ander
  • "Yup, got it. Now go kill her!" *Points at Olive.* - Neight/Thorn
  • *turns and runs at her with sadistic glee.* Ian/Ander

  • Zombified Commander standing over a fallen Zhang. "Depart the battlefield or this soldier joins mine eternally."
  • Taggart *says something* "Headshot"
  • Commander drops

  • "It's nice to find somebody on fire and not be the prime suspect" - Ander