2016-02: Stormhome, Mutopia

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Stormhome, Mutopia
Location: Stormhome/Mutopia
Site: Sycamore State Park
Dates: Feb 27-28, 2016
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Pre-Game Teaser

As winter blows in across the land the inhabitants old and new alike hole up. The mists it seems are abated or perhaps just frozen awaiting the thaw to rage on. The corps are no different, the winter keeps even them from rushing in. Roja Cola is forced to wait and watch, for now. In the distance a new settlement has begun to form. They've declared their sovereignty and opened their borders to everyone blessed by holy radiation and whom are ready to live free! They've raised their trefoil flag of bright green upon the carcass of what was once Misthaven. Rumors abound that Lund is behind this new community. Perhaps because the wastes would prefer not think of what happens when the mutants band together...

Memorable Quotes

  • "This is vodka." Sits it on a chair and looks at it before taking a drink of water. - Grog, Played by Azrael.
  • "Hey guys, will you let me in?" - Ander
    • "Archoooon. Don't be a diiick." - Ander
  • "Is anyone going to do anything with this candle?" - Grog
  • "Hi, my name is Morgan and I play a character."
  • "Did you use a glove as a spell packet?"
  • "Spell casting Control!"
    • "Spell casting Clarity!"
    • "Spell casting Control!"
    • "Spell casting Clarity!"
    • *middle finger*
  • "Who brings a knife to a gun fight!?" - Jebediah
    • "Who uses magic in a gun fight!?"
  • "Where are you from?"
    • "Up."
    • "So... North?"