2015-07: Devils Reservoir

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Take Out Cove
Location: Devils Reservoir
Site: Sycamore State Park
Dates: July 31-Aug 1, 2015
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Pre-Game Teaser

So you're headed south east of the raging storm used to be Misthaven eh? Devils Reservoir's what the locals call it and damned rightly so too! The Rhasta's curse taints that land and all who enter. Legend goes the facility now lost in the purple smog was a paranormal research facility. They had everybody from psychics to summoners, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Preachers, Shaman and witch doctors right alongside bonafide scientists. All of 'em working to harness the power of other frequencies and dimensions. Well it worked too good and no body picked up on it until the Rhasta began stepping through. By some miracle, the bombs fell before it could cross over and disrupted the portal. The trapped and enraged Rhasta choked out a binding curse on the facility and the basin its in as it choked out the sickly purple smog. Don't nobody who goes there leave without the Rhasta's curse.