2015-05: Take Out Cove

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Take Out Cove
Location: Take Out Cove
Site: Sycamore State Park
Dates: May 1-3, 2015
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Pre-Game Teaser

An island in the radioactive waters of the Eriee thought long to be abandoned, Take-Out-Cove has become the subject of rumors as of late as mysterious invitations have started appearing in bars and markets across the wastes. Attached to the bottom of each invite is a Jack of Spades from a playing card deck.

The invitation reads:

I welcome all to my island paradise of Take-Out-Cove for a weekend of wonder and profit*. Please make your way to the Feral Cat Marina about 40 miles east of Toldya. Seats on the Ferries are first come first serve so do arrive early as space is limited. 
I would like to discourage you from starting trouble as my security force will be more than happy to toss you into the green waters of the Eriee. As this is intended to be a fun time, we discourage attendees from bringing weapons. To this end we will have security searching you before you board and you will have the option to store your weapons free of charge or pay a fee of 25 allins per weapon you take to the island.

*Profit not available for all visitors.

Memorable Quotes

"One for One?" - Kitty

"... Where are we?" - The Explorers Club

"I AM LEXI, QUEEN OF BEARS!!!" - Lexi, Queen of Bears

"Yeah, I saw how much you 'helped' him." - Security Guard #2

"Mmrphmmrphmmprh!" Lexi patient #4

"*Snooooooooooore*... Someone say books?" - Ander



Sun shined as Captain Some-Beard strutted out of his mansion. He raised his dog-like nose and allowed the sea air to wash over him. Not even the whirring of saws or the smack of hammers could ruin this day. The reconstruction had gone quickly, and the mansion would be restored in the next two days. A call rose above the din of the workers “Captain!” yelled an officer as he limped toward Some-Beard. “The search crews have a lead on SpadeJack. There was a jet ski rigged to a boat trailer, looked like it went in circles for a little while. We have men tracking whoever set that up.”

“Very good, is that all?” asked Some-Beard as he glanced at the officers wounded leg.

“Yes sir!” replied the officer.

Some-Beard gestured to the bloody leg, mentally noting the obvious infection. “Why haven’t you seen the new surgeon about your leg?”

The officer looked woefully at a worker who had a claw hammer in place of his right forearm. “Respectfully sir, that man had a broken pinky when he went to see her.”

A quick grimace flashed across Some-Beards face. “Understood, dismissed.” As the officer left Some-Beard reached for his flask. The surgeon was good and hadn’t lost a patient yet, but her methods were… unorthodox. Taking a drink, Some-Beard looked to the exterior wall of the Library of his new mansion. The security chief was still hanging there, his arms forming the “T” to the message that he put up. “Traitors punished”. He turned to head away from his mansion when he snapped back “Who put a door there?” he muttered as he headed for the newly installed entrance.

As he approached he listened in on his men talking. Talk of cats and caves emitting flashing lights, new but not unusual nonsense. A plaque on the door reflected the morning sun “The Archive – Take Out Cove branch”. Shaking his head Some-Beard turned and walked away, clearly this was some inside joke with his men and it was best to let it be.