2015-03: 13th Annual Goblin Market

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13th Annual Goblin Market
Location: Disputed Lands south of Lund
Site: The New Place
Dates: March 27-29, 2015
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In the last two years, the survivor settlement of Lund has pulled its southern borders way north, in the wake of the disaster in Sanity and fiercely suppressed rumors of the a southern section of the wall falling due to dark magicks. This means that a huge territory of land is no longer defended or governed by, well, anyone. And while some wasters might prefer it that way(namely various bandit gangs and other criminals), the powers that be have decided that it's time to do something about it. The Free-Traders have declared a Goblin Market in the coming months for the southern Hio lands, and invited local leaders and anyone with a stake to claim to come and meet, all peaceful like, and hash out where the new lines are going to be drawn without shooting each other full of holes. One more thing: NO CORPS ALLOWED (that includes sneaky proxy bullshit, if we catch you, we're gonna shoot you). So come to talk, come to trade, come to find work, or even come to win prizes in the Second Kinda-Annual-Maybe Apocolympics Games! But most importantly, just get your asses out here, because this is not an event you are going to want to miss.

The Apocalympics

Announcing the 13th annual Apocalympics! Rewards, glory and gore, if you dare!

Chicken A truly explosive wasters game of chicken. Winner gets a grenade for each hand (or portion thereof) and 100 allins.

Ghoul Ball Two five waster teams duking it out head to head smashing through their opponents defenses to put the ghoul head into the basket.

  • Note: They'll be hungry and need some coercion to cooperate.

Winning team splits 50 allins/ghoul head scored and free medical attention immediately following match. Ghoul Ball grand champions receive blue prints to a pre-fall tech.

Mole Whack These ain't yer average lil varmints. They're only the biggest nastiest sons'a'the'wastes fed a steady diet of radioactive sludge you'll ever meet. You an' yer pardner have to steal its toy. Winner gets to keep it.

Brawlin' The wastes most brutal brawlers are cordially invited to take turns beating the stuffing out of each other with their melee weapon of choice. Match winners will be given free immediate medical attention and an electrolyte shot. Losers will get basic care. Any waster who finishes the other off will be dropped into a ghoul pen.

Sherps contest The best guns in the wastes will face a grueling tourney of accuracy and wits. Beginning with early morning basic aptitude test and culminating into a final dual of victors. Grand tourney winner will be awarded a Sherps Big Waster hunting rifle with all the bells and whistles.

Dueling Witches A contest for the Witches of the wastes to test their prowess. Not your average square off and blast, complete with mobile obstacles. Match winners will receive meditation foci or components commensurate to their ranking. Grand duelist will be awarded a rare recipe good only to them.

Hall Mart

Hall Mart announces their newest satellite location south of Lund in the recently disputed lands. Where they'll be selling all your waster needs for the Apocalympics! For a fraction of the competitions prices.


Got Medical Skillz and want to be paid for using them? Stop on by the Apocalympics event to make a difference and some allins along the way!

Nurses 50allins/day, Doctors 100/day, Surgeons 200 allins/day. Skill levels will be tested in advance.

Warhound Inc.

Warhound Inc announces they're opening up an after market arms consignment depot at the Apocalympics.

Roja Cola

A bar pops up near the Apocalympics operatec by Roja Cola. A big sign says "Neutral to all whom enter. Shots Contest coming soon."


Icarus medical announces groundbreaking of a field hospital and doctors office to treat its citizens at the Apocalympics.

Hiring, nurses, doctors and surgeons to work exclusively with Icarus citizens. Pay 100, 200 and 400 allins plus citizenship application fees waived.

Memorable Quotes

"Beep" -Lou

"Fuck this. Pew Pew Pew Pew Pew" -Lou, to the giant Mole

"The wizard is actually a really nice guy..." -Felix

"Yeah, Didn't expect the wizard to have a gun did you?!" - Unknown Wizard in Sherps Contest

"WOOOOOOO!" -Lou after winning Sherp's Contest

"What do you call those things?" -Giant demon thingy with a cleaver, asking about a grenade.


In the days following, what was left of Roja Cola found itself packed up onto the few remaining trucks. The rest, Hall Mart stepped forward and purchased for what can only be a paltry sum. Warhound's rolling consignment shops rolled en masse back to base. Instead of withdrawing they're digging in and paying top Allins for laborers to help them build their walls and dig their ditches. Even while Hallmart expands its operations in the area. Icarus Medical seems to take a cue from their rivals and both expands their hospital and secures it behind walls, plural. They must have had someone important visit because a few days after the power went out in the area a heavily armored caravan visited for a couple of hours before departing all hush hush. The arena and its surrounding grounds remain neutral grounds. A peculiar dome sprang up around the former Storm Witches outpost. It stands just a quarter mile south of the cratered trench that forms Lunds southern boarders nowadays. A creature beyond mortal imagination let alone understanding wielding a blood drenched meat cleaver rages trapped inside of it. Perhaps most peculiar are the defenders of the dome. For it is not the Storm Witches but militant, blood red glowing eyed Meek!? Governor Sands estate stands in ruins, a hole the size of a raging mutant mole torn through it. One of the merc barracks doesn't fare any better. In fact, its interior walls, one of the exterior ones, the roof and refrigerator were all subjected to explosive carpentry and or percussive maintenance. Occasionally a "Warning Idiots" sign crops up, 'idiots' is usually removed, presumably by one of them. Not to mention the new locals talking about the dangers of briefcases and the anticorp cards found all over. To the south east a new settlement seems to be cropping up along the southern boarder of the 'Hio lands, cutting across Kain Tucks boundaries. Their army of Blackhearts ruthlessly take the lands from the formerly displaced Kain Tuckians in span of one night. Despite their momentum they halt a mile east of the Sa'Ni Land of Sanity, 10 miles west of Moonvale and just 10 miles north into 'Hio lands. Their flag is a Skull and crossbones with wings. There isn't any sign of the former occupiers after a few days of revelry and feasting. Speaking of no sign of, the Free Traders, all identical of them seem to have cleared their shelves in the trading post and gone underground. They make appearances but don't seem to be selling anything at present, to anyone. Those violating neutrality though, seem to find their way into former ghoul pens, now smoldering craters.

Roja Cola

Full evacuation from the Free Traders Goblin Markets and places a trade embargo on the area.


1,000 ALLIN reward for information leading to the capture of those responsible for attacking Rolling Consignment Shop 6.

2,000 ALLIN reward for information leading to the retrieval of Human Resources Asset A6fgH43