2014-09: Misthaven

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Misthaven: Churning Mists
Location: Misthaven/Bakerstown
Site: John Beltz Retreat Center
Dates: September 26-28, 2014
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Pre-Event Teaser

Welcome to another edition of the Wastelands via the franchise town of Misthaven. The recently formed franchisee Bakerstown has been booming in trade with its new Roja Cola manager, Tom Tehraid. Whom has been running the town since Mayor Bob Baker fell ill.

The snack and soda conglomerate has expanded its efforts against the arachnid population of late. The bounties have doubled in the last few months. Roja has also employed a defoliant spray (some say its just cola) to destroy their habitat. Whether or not its working remains to be seen but there are a number of concerned rabble rousers. Word is, the Cola family has been quietly hiring mercs for operational support. The locals suspect the higher bounty is being paid with the taxes on outside snacks and sodas, which have also doubled.

Important Events

  • Ander has taken over as librarian and curator of the Misthaven library.
  • Lou led an expedition to clear out a Warhound facility. The expedition found a Ruster and left the facility fairly destroyed.
  • Michael and Dosi took over the Misthaven orphanage and, due to the deplorable conditions, relocated all the children.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Beep." - Lou
  • "Does that set me off?" - Jaxsom
  • Jack: "Lexi, it's subliminal messaging, you're being compelled to crave the cola." Lexi: "I know. But it's tasty. *slurp*"
  • "While you are running for your life, please run by concessions for a refreshing beverage." - Security Bot X24601

Out of Game

  • "Your mother was an alarm clock!" - Ian to the Fire/Bacon Alarm